龍 Dragon 750mL 3本セットBOX

蛇 Snake 2005

濾過 Filtered | 750mL Alc18% | 五百万石 本醸造 Gohyakumangoku Honjozo


The color is a lustrous, translucent gold, exuding a touch more clarity than unfiltered sake. On the nose, it carries a fragrant bouquet suggestive of toasted nuts lightly drizzled with honey, providing a refined sweetness, followed by a delicate waft of cinnamon that effortlessly floats through your sinuses.In terms of flavor, it has a sense of cohesion surpassing unfiltered sake, leaving an elite bittersweet aftertaste that lingers on the tip of your tongue. It's as though this sake offers a unique opportunity to time travel back to 2005. I warmly encourage you to personally immerse yourself in this nostalgic experience.

龍 Dragon 2006

濾過 Filtered | 750mL Alc19% | 五百万石 本醸造 Gohyakumangoku Honjozo


The color resembles the soft, golden sunlight filtering through the trees,with a subtle shimmer akin to silk. Compared to the unfiltered version, the sweetness is more restrained,and the lingering notes are dominated by vanilla. The initial taste is reminiscent of juicy pears, gradually transitioning into a subtly ripened sweetness that spreads across the palate,accompanied by a delicate and gentle wave of refined sweetness and acidity that fades away.

鳳凰 Phoenix 2015

濾過 Filtered | 750mL Alc17% | 石川門 純米酒 Ishikawamon Junmai


The color of this sake presents as a silky white with a sense of transparency. On the nose, it imparts a freshness reminiscent of the moment you take a bite into a crisp green apple. The taste envelopes a subtle sweetness, a refreshing tartness of green apple, and an unwavering sense of freshness. If an uncut gem represents unfiltered sake, then a polished, brilliantly sparkling diamond embodies this filtered sake.It masterfully balances sensuality and refreshing qualities with a sweet and sour core, while gentle, ripe melon-like flavors slowly unfurl and captivate, much like a quietly expanding horizon.


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