Devil's abode
Matsunami Sake Brewery

We prioritize upholding traditions and preserving the taste,

diligently brewing sake using the painstaking "Funashibori"

method in the harsh yet blessed environment of Oku-Noto since the 19th century.

The number of breweries that continue to adhere to this method has been decreasing year by year,

attracting attention even in overseas magazines.

Currently, we lead the breweries in Oku-Noto, dedicating ourselves to fostering

the next generation of the Japanese sake industry and serving as instructors at the Oku-Noto Sake Brewing School.

What has been cultivated through generations

Matsunami Brewery Since 1868

Matsunami Shuzo is a sake brewery founded in the first year of the Meiji era (1868).

During that time, along the roads frequented by itinerant merchants visiting shrines and temples,

there were several sake shops, and Matsunami was among them.

The first generation, Kinshichi Yojuro, named the brand "Oeyama"

and established the company as a legal entity in the 36th year of the Meiji era (1903).

Due to the limited transportation options in remote Oku-Noto, it is said that sake

from Matsunami was transported from the Matsunami River behind the brewery via

the Kitamae ship routes to urban areas and other regions.

There is a saying, "Noto's sake tastes delicious, swayed by the ship." Subsequently, sake brewing was also conducted in Fushiki,

Takaoka.However, when the Fushiki brewery burned down in a fire,

Matsunami focused on sake brewing exclusively. Matsunami Shuzo has been preserving the traditions passed down by its predecessors,

and in recent years, they have also been creating liqueurs and other sake products using local ingredients from Noto,

aiming to introduce the charm of Japanese sake to a wider audience.

They actively organize sake brewery tours to ensure that people become familiar with the many old and traditional breweries.

We are fully committed to wholeheartedly conveying the charm of Noto through sake and continuing to spread the message of "cheers"

from the bountiful seafood of the rough seas to delightful desserts.

We will strive with all our dedication to embrace this mission and continue to communicate this passion through the medium of sake.

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