The works of Horiyoshi III and Matsunami Brewery

create new stories in people's hearts

2023 I went to Noto

The purpose is to meet Matsunami Brewery's 6th generation. The history of creation and the traditions of sake-making, passed down since its founding in 1868, are reflected in over 15 sake creations, each with its own story. These stories quietly begin to unfold, gradually painting a vivid image of "SOUSHIN" in my mind.The passion poured into the arduous environment is diligently carried out by skilled artisans, showcasing their craftsmanship.The skills that should be appreciated as artistic works are rooted in the historical context of their time.The thoughts embedded by the brewery into the process of sake-making, which is repeated every year. The umami that will be tasted and sensed by the five senses.As the moments stack up, the dramas and histories embodied in the creations appear and disappear in my mind like a mirage.It was a mysterious sensation, quietly elevating my spirits, beyond what words can express.It is what people long to experience—the history and future they have never felt.Isn't it a journey through two unknown realms of art 

and individuals, transcending time? Time and history, which cannot be expressed in form, are culture, and I am convinced that Matsunami Brewery and the beauty of its craftsmanship, passed down through generations, embody the foundation of that culture. With the memory and imagination resonating with the encountered stories, I wanted to create a single work that many people can experience. By experiencing the various episodes and stories that breathe in each individual work, wouldn't the beauty of these two creations shine even brighter? As I pondered on these thoughts, I wondered if it was possible to express the history and stories of these two creations, which have been passed down until today, through the recollections of those who encounter this work. A new work that feels as if we, living in the 21st century, are sharing the time we have walked with these creations. I hope that the stories of these two individuals, previously unknown to us, will be etched in the memory and imagination of people, in their hearts. And thus, we begin to create a new history and future once again. 


Hiroki Kageyama

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